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Trident Online University

It should be obvious that the present system is not sustainable, and continually raising tuition is not the answer.

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Sandra Walker

I am currently enrolled in a doctoral program at Walden University. Technology closes the gaps between the "haves" and "have nots" as it relates to the expanding life long learning opportunities to the masses. I look forward to a career in higher education and really appreciate the opportunity to engage with an informed community.

Andy Shaindlin

This is a very clear articulation of something that - for some reason - seems to be hidden in the noisy debate about "increasing public support for higher education." Advocates for state funding of public higher ed have been protesting, advocating, marching, testifying and petitioning for decades, with almost not effect at all. Continuing to beg or plead for more public funding won't make a difference.

I'd be interested to hear opinions about how to address your final point - i.e., how should the American model be "redefined"? What will work? Are there examples we can reasonably emulate or learn from in other national or regional systems?

Lloyd responds: thanks Andrew for the good comment and excellent question. Some of my thoughts on changing the model can be found scattered throughout my posts, but most specifically at http://bit.ly/bGbnnT.

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