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Nina Wells

Indeed it is a dis-service to students when they are turned away from classes and delayed in graduation because of unfortunate budget cuts. In a situation like that, alternatives, such as Kaplan, should be considered. I worked for a higher education institution once where students could take pre-approved courses at other universities, in an effort to help them meet their graduation requirements. This proved quite beneficial to students. While the completion of these outside courses did not change their GPA, the credits did transfer and thus enable them to meet their graduation requirements on time.

Lily Pimentel

This post does bring up some pressing issues particularly for those of us who teach in a community college and experience firsthand the effects of the budget mess. Are many glad that the expensive Kaplan option is cancelled? Sure, students felt they were being "ripped off" by this institution, particularly students who are the first in their families to attend college. But with the cuts in our budgets as entire sections of classes are reduced, summer school slashed in half, students are the losers. It's bad enough instructors have to turn students away (we are no longer allowed to "add" students to class) we cannot offer them alternatives to turn to and "try again next semester" is little solace to someone who is trying to graduate that year.

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