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I had my diploma in nursing for seventeen years before going back to college to get my Bachelor of Science degree. I was a young, divorced mother of a three year-old who watched as my peers advanced their degrees by attending college courses in a brick-and-mortar environment. I later took on a job that required I travel eight hours a day, so it still was not an option for me to try to rush home across the state in order to attend classes. At that time, online programs were not that popular, or talked about. I was so happy when nursing schools opened online components to their programs. I received my bachelor’s degree, and then my master's from Walden University. I am now obtaining my Doctorate in Education from Walden and would not even consider attending elsewhere. I would agree that disruption means accessibility, but I cannot really agree with affordability. I have found that my online programs were as expensive, if not more expensive per credit hour than traditional programs. There is a misconception if educational systems out there believe students want to attend school online because it is cheaper. I will say the majority of students who attend online programs are adult learners. We know that adult learners are focused and have established stressors in life such as family, careers, and debt that cause them to be focused when obtaining an education. They definitely want to get what they need without wasting time to advance their careers and salaries.

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