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Ingrid Ahrens Massey

Do you feel these "disruptors" are the key to globalizing higher education and making it available to all? Do you feel the quality of online learning is comparable to that of traditional, brick and mortar institutions?

Lloyd responds: I do think the disruptive innovations will be key in increasing availability of education, and they will play some role in globalization of higher ed. - although it is really difficult to predict how globalization will play out. "Quality" is a tricky word - online will never reproduce the social interactions of an expensive campus experience - which brings benefits in many aspects of personal growth. In terms of knowledge transmission, growth of critical thinking, development of teamwork, etc I think appropriately designed online courses can do as well as or better than traditional campus based courses.

CME Online

I never heard of a disruptor term in education. I don't really get the point..is StraighterLine a disruptor? How is it connected to higher education?

Lloyd responds: check out the earlier post "Potential disruptors in the higher education space" http://bit.ly/qj51DL

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