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Mervelle Sage

The economy is in bad shape and more students are seeking education because they feel that it will help them get jobs with higher salaries. However for so long we have taught everyone that education is the key. So many are doing it because it is what they have been taught with hopes that they can tap into that American dream. Now as for the Global economy being educated allows you opportunities anywhere and many are using education to give them the opportunity to work in varied fields ensuring a job in more than one market.

cynthia minor

I also agree that students pursue education in this global economy, in hope to obtain a job with an increase in salary. With the country being in an economic crisis, the question is,"Will we be able to obtain a better paying job, after pursuing higher education"?

Kymia Dozier-Kessee

I would have to agree with both writers in regards to the preparation of students, education in today's global economy. It appears that today many students are spending so much time seeking some form of education to increase their skills. Only to find themselves possessing a higher education in a minimum wage economy.

Lindel Bell

Undoubtedly globalization has affected the way we do business and the way we study. It as affected society at micro, messo and macro levels:individual, community and countrries. Are the true impacts understood?

Lindel Bell

Lloyd responds: The impacts certainly are not understood - and are evolving. Changes described by Camden and Spence were not anticipated just a few years ago when it appeared that, with US dominance in so many areas, globalization was a great way for us to expand that dominance. Now we see many negatives as our competitors grow. Continuing evolution in the process will certain change balances in ways hard for us to imagine today.

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