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First comment I made 8th of August
Now last comment is 24th of September
Today is 16th of October .

It was a superp article. No one made such a comparison since than.
Please do it once more.
More people understand now what the Coursera is

muhammed emre

Very good vision for both platforms. I watched a few courses from coursera and what I saw is the only distinguishable and high quality courses are from andrew ng and daphne koller, that is obviously because they are the founders of the coursera. What I saw is that most of the institutions in coursera are slacking off. Their content is bad, video quality is unsatisfactory, even check out theory of computation course at coursera, he is just reading from the slides and it seems to be done just for to be done.

MITx follows a more rigorious and serious way to present the classes, their teaching and video quality is very good and the material is more learnable.

In the long run although coursera did a fast start, they will lose to MITx, as MITx continues to increase number of very high quality courses they offer.

Coursera is a big disappointment for me after checking most of their classes I noticed that it will add no value to me or my studies.

Also I want to thank to princeton for not offering a certificate upon completion of their courseware through coursera, also their course content is very high quality compared to other schools.

Drew James

coursera looks good if you like or are good at computer languages, less so if or are more inclined towards human ones.

there are a few arts / humanities courses but on the whole, are swamped by the sciences.

Is this a facet of present day education or more a reflection of academia preferring things which can be rationalised?


I read your article and I really the way you compared MITx +Harvardx + Berkeleyx + May be Stanford, Yale, Princeton... I hope and looking forward to see more discussion on this topic.


Both coursera and MIT have same goal which is to educate more people through online courses they offer. Coursera only offers a more convenient and clear set of courses, students could choose from that's making it better compared to MIT. If I am still a student, I will surely grab the opportunity to enroll in these free online courses. Instead of partying, I will spend my time in learning more about people and life in general.

Sheena David,

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Excellent comparison .
MITx +Harvardx + Berkeleyx + May be Stanford, Yale, Princeton
will make the best education providers of the world .
It will be top education
With certification ( soon a degree )
At a small fee
Covering 1 billion in the world
What other colleges will do in the world including USA.
Sure it will take time. MIT is extremely careful how to proceed. They have an excellent strategy and long term plan .

Mark DeFusco

as always proud to see your wisdom. We should catch up sometime as your schedule permits

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