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Jim Lipot

Lloyd, yes profit is important, but as a few of my colleagues and I discussed the other day, many of the for-profit universities can cut tuition up to 25% and still make a nice profit. This will reduce the mounting student loan debt, while maintaining educational standards. Some of the for-profits also accept anyone as a student, even if it is likely that the student could not complete the coursework.

For the nonprofit colleges, this is still possible by acting in the very business-like fashion you describe and also called for in the article referenced. Nonprofits need to work smarter. Use the money to equip the college with technology, not fancier gyms. Reduce the dependence on hard copy books and move toward eBooks.

Most importantly, we need to look toward changing a troubling attitude, especially among many of the for profit students, and that is the "I am paying for a degree" instead of "I am learning information to further my career" that the students should have.

Trident University

Parents and students are generally understandably concerned with the value aspect of education. The economy is tough and the prospect of finding a job after college is very real.

IPS Meerut

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Lloyd responds: MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses, such as Coursera, Udacity, etc.

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