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Top 10 IB Schools in India

I don't think so. I consent that trainers should work together to change the system and that teachers or professor should stand above technological innovation.


I believe in MOOCs, it challenges the status coo. Knowledge is not owned by anyone.I do not live the US but like the idea of giving everyone who wants too, to learn. Even its not for credits, knowledge is useless unless it is applied to improve the standard of living. If higher ed is available to persons worldwide, think about how faster we will progress overall and achieve more rapid improvements in Science and Technology.

M. Dinorah Fix-Padilla

According to Steve Jobs technology by itself cannot solve current problems in American’s education (Rotherham,2012). I agree that instructors should work together to reform the system and that educators should stay ahead of technology and the new developments in the field.

Rotherham, Andrew J.,(2012).Can computers replace teachers? Retrieved from


Let us do not depend on MOOCs too much.

But online courses and degrees by ELITE universities is a must for the HE in the world .
We are lucky today that MIT, Harvard, Berkeley are willing to ptovide online courses at a small fee. Be careful they are smart they know the cost of online is nill if attracted millions of students therefore they do not need to charge more than $ 10 per course. Still they can make money for improvements.


Screens are also made by professors.
So we need professors but at a smaller number and much better knowledge and skills so that they can disseminate their treasure to millions .

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