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1.- I have been following old online for 20 years by no known colleges at high fees. Now 7.5 million online students out of 20 million FTE. Probably there are also 2 million or so degree holders with 100 % online programs . So far there is no big complain about them . 35 % replaced of the traditional HE has been replaced by bad onlines .

2.- Now elite universities such as MIT Harvard set up an online consortium at no fee now, may be later some small fee. But no DEGREES .
We talk if these online courses can replace traditional HE at all .
As I said above there are already 7.5 million online students replaced the traditional HE.
How can we question if EDX set up by MIT and Harvard can replace the traditional HE . Sure they can . They should. Other MOOCs are discussable for replacemöent of traditional HE .But not EDX .

3.- Now let us convince EDX to provide degrees and have people
get a high quality higher education at low fees such as $ 50- 150 per course.
EDX can improve the quality of online as well. They have all resources and financing to do that .

4.- All completion rates of MOOCs are non sense .MOOCs are just experiment open to everyone just a click away . Even a cat clicks the registration button .

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