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I think that other options should be explored in order to decrease cost by UC. Exploring options that may decrease the quality of education or makes students pay more will drive many students to other higher learning institutions who can get the same quality education for less. I do not think that advocates of higher education will argue that increasing tuition cost should not be the first line of thought when colleges are having financial issues.

gautam Barua

I dont agree. Much as I admire Jerry Brown, I am disappointed with the suggestions he seems to have made ( I have not been following California events as I am from India). 3 year degrees? More online to replace classroom teaching (this is implied by your presentation, online as a supplementary scheme cant have any objections)? No! The UC system has produced the wonders it has because of good Govt support. The same Jerry Brown in the late '70s was responsible for the growth and excellence of the UC system. We must not let his current govt succumb to the general rightward shift of the US population (mainly I feel due to the economic growth problems). Three cheers for Napolitano!

Lloyd responds: the status quo is always more comfortable, if it can be maintained. There is no rational way that the State of California can maintain funding of the UC system at the very high levels possible in the past - not a rightward shift of the population , just a realization that much of our spending was through debt because we wanted to live higher than our income permitted. Napolitano recognizes that the limitation of the state is real, and wants the students to pay an ever increasing (5%/year) bill for their education in order to preserve the status quo. But student debt has already reached a point that it is causing problems for the whole economy. This is a poor solution, especially when there are numerous ways that costs can be decreased while increasing the effectiveness of the education.

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