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Muvaffak Gozaydin

My above comment was made about 1 month ago .

There is no further comments.

If CA does not think their education sure this is the result .
I am so sorry for CA.

Muvaffak Gozaydin

Governer Brown had solved the HE 2 years ago, proposing online from first class universities. Senate did not accept it .

Now LA Times ignore the Stanford the biggest asset California has .

Stanford has the best online technology in the World even better than MIT .

Stanford + UC Berkeley can solve the HE problem of California by superb online .

1.- Just ask Stanford and UC Berkeley to develop online courses
2.- Ask students to pay only $ 200 per course ( Cost is less than that )
3.- Today UC system has 250,000 enrollments. Increase that to 1,000,000 by this online division . Even 2 million .
4.- Investment of course development is around $ 500,000 per course.
If UC has 500 students per course this $ 500,000 can be paid back in 10 semesters by these $ 200 fees per course . If you do not meet 500 enrollment per course share the courses among 10 UC system .
5.- ONLINE technology is improving every day . Next year online will be much better than this year .


Do not underestimate my proposal .
I have been working on ONLINE for the last 20 years .
I have MSEE, MSIE, MSME all from Stanford.
Have graduate study at Caltech 1962-1963
Worked with Mr Hewlett and Mr Packard in Palo Alto for 5 years .

Lloyd comments: absolutely right - the Governor proposes, faculty senate disposes, and unfortunately the Regents go along with the senate. Solutions are there if people want to find them.

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